Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An Introduction: From Yours Truly(s)

So, here we are: you, him and I. All sitting in front of "a computer" converging on a simplistic way of communication and entertainment. We guess the lot of us should go through formalities. 

Behind door 1: Introvert 2

A tall 6 foot, 20 something blonde hair, green-eyed Aryan. Yes, some Aryans had green eyes thank you much. You can date his heritage back to the F├╝hrer himself. Okay, you caught us we are liars but it was worth it for the shock and awe factor. Well, not liars in the entirety...he is a German but I am pretty sure he isn't related to the you know who that did you know what (I am not talking about Voldemort).  He is an educated man with BA in science with an emphasis in badassness. Introvert 2 is just a small town boy, living in a lonely world (if you know this reference props to you). What isn't there to like about him? 

Well.... If you don't like a Dirty White Boy who used to be a Soul Doctor, that is now a Cold As Ice, Hot-Blooded Juke Box Hero with Double Vision and a Heart That Turns Stone, but just Wants To Know What Love Is and Feels Like The First Time with an Urgent case of Headgames...then he isn't for you.   

Behind door 743 (door 2 is rigged with plastic explosives and door 3 went into the wood chipper and door 4 caught fire and well we just miss-placed the rest) : Introvert 1

Looking for a tall, dark handsome...well keep looking . He is tall and dark but not so handsome. He has actually broken glass whilst standing before it, I digress. Another 6 foot something with a real close knit family...a.k.a...The Mob. Yes kids, the dude is Sicilian and I am not talking about a Papa Johns Specialty Pizza. He is also and educated man (at least he has a piece of paper to suggest it). A man of science...if you are wondering, no emphasis, other than an overly enthusiastic admiration of the psychological sciences (or lack of science). Introvert 1 is a city boy, born and raised waaaay south of Detroit (again props to you). 

Calling All Girls: Introvert 1 is an Under Pressure, Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy.  He used to have a Killer Queen but hey, Another One Bites The Dust.  Don't Stop Me Now, Introvert 1 isn't necessarily looking for Somebody To Love and he isn't thrilled about A Crazy Little Thing Called Love.  However, he Will Rock You in the bedroom, where you and Introvert 1 Are (always) The Champions.  But if you are looking for a more serious Bicycle Race, then its just Bohemian Rhapsody for you.

And now for something completely different...I mean you, as readers, need to know why WE are here. Where were you last? Was there a thing that just irked you? Well, Introvert 2 and myself (Introvert 1) have noticed a certain lack of "etiquette" and "courtesy" in society. We decided, if not for more than just getting it off our chests, to help "educate" on the unwritten rules of etiquette in society. 

This concludes our first post...simply because my fingers are nimble and tired and since Introvert 2 has a "unique" way of formulating sentences my translator has now malfunctioned and the parts to fix it are on backorder. Quite frankly, Introvert 2 and myself have cooked our brians...umm and by that I mean a mush. 

Don't Stop Believin' 


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