Friday, December 17, 2010

2 introverts gettin' civil wit' na na na na na na nana

So it's the holidays or something like that. We are all out buying presents and what not for the family, friends, and co-workers (if you are into that).  What we all expect is for the person that is receiving your gift to be grateful and appreciate you act of generosity... however, that is not always the case.  The holidays should be the one time of the year (even though you should be doing it all year long) to be best person you can be (if thats possible).  

We would like to paint a little picture here...this morning on my way to work I heard a very touching story in which sparked this post about being civil and of generosity. 

Dear anonymous morning talk show host -
I’ve been friends with the family I’m writing you about for 5 years. It’s a wonderful family of 6 who has had a rough year. The mom is battling breast cancer and is in her third treatment. The oldest son was hit by a truck last year and now suffers behavioral and other issues as a result. Their middle son is autistic.
This family is always doing things for other people. They opened their home to a family of 5 after the parents got laid off from their jobs. They footed all the bills to help this family while they were down on their luck. They are very humble people who never ask for anything, but they are always first to volunteer their time, limited resources, or lend an ear to anyone who needs it. In fact at this time last year, they adopted a family who needed some extra help to make their holiday more special. Now my friends could use some extra help to give their family an amazing Christmas that will never be forgotten.
With medical bills for the special needs of two kids, plus recurring bills for cancer treatments and everything else that has happened this year, this family has fallen behind on everything.  The mom is super supportive of her kids and their activities in spite of what she is going through. Three of her kids are involved in a not for profit cheer and dance organization, and mom is there for every performance or competition, regardless of how she feels.
I’ve talked to them about Christmas this year and the mother told me that she would be making the majority of the kids Christmas gifts this year. I would love it if you guys could help make this the extra special Christmas that this family deserves. They are always putting others first, so I want them to know what it feels like to have a worry free Christmas that they will never forget.
- Love Karma 

We aren't here to rant and rave today but we would like to express that it makes us sad that people as a society are not more generous and as civil as they can be. You know the right thing to do when someone needs help so take time and help them. If someone takes time out of their busy schedule to help you, show gratitude.  Don't be a scrooge, ya know? 

Don't Stop Believin' 


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